Hi! My name is Ms. Dosmann. Please travel with me to Nova Scotia to study Climate Change and Mammals.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome! This is my blog for my Earthwatch Live From the Field expedition to Nova Scotia. I will post pictures and videos here. I will also pose inquiries and answer questions for students and families from this site. I hope you enjoy my blog!

I can't believe I will be flying to Nova Scotia in just three short weeks. I've been busy getting everything ready for my expedition. Travel plans are all set. I'll be flying out of Atlanta early in the morning on Sunday and flying into Halifax later that day. My friend Peter has been helping me get my gear together. He is a great hiker and backpacker. So far, I have waterproof pants, a warm fleece, a raincoat and hiking shoes. I need to get some WARM underclothes because it is going to be very chilly in Nova Scotia. The average temperature there in March is between 23 and 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

This week, my students will spend time in the computer lab to practice navigating to this blog site. They will learn how to post inquiries and comments while I am away. We will also begin reading about the mammals native to Nova Scotia. Next week, we will practice skyping!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010