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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 11 - Two New Sightings!

Weather: Rainy, cloudy and chilly (between 30 and 40 degrees)

5th graders: I tried to use some similes and metaphors in my post today. How did I do?

Today was as exciting as winning a trip to the super bowl! We got out of the van at Cook's Lake and walked down the path to the research site. After all the rain yesterday, the path was a river! We walked mainly along the sides, but sometimes we had to walk right down the middle.

While we were walking along, I noticed something moving across the path. It was gray, had long legs, long ears and a bushy tail. It looked a lot like Lycos, only slimmer and gray. It was a coyote! When it heard us coming up the path, it jumped into the forest as quick as a fox. Only Ms. Suzanne and I were able to catch a glimpse of it from behind. Maybe it has been this coyote leaving all the scat on the path. I couldn't get my camera out in time to get a picture, so I googled one for you instead. This one looks a lot like the coyote I saw.

Next, we continued down the flooded path to the research site to check the traps. Ms. Suzanne found a trap that felt different. She saw a pink nose inside and the trap felt heavy. A vole does not have a pink nose and it is not heavy. We thought maybe it could be a flying squirrel or chipmunk. Dr. Christina said we had to be careful because we didn't know what it was, so she took the animal out in the bag. Watch this video to see what happened:

Later, Dr. Christina wondered if it really was a weasel because it was so large and had a funny tail. Weasels are smaller and have short tails and this creature was larger and had a tail like a paintbrush. She called Dr. Chris to get his input. He said that it was definitely an ermine. I had never heard of an ermine. What can you find out about an ermine? Here is a picture of the ermine we found in in our trap. You can see his paintbrush tail.

After we let the ermine go, we went on another field sign transect. Remember, that means we walked down a trail looking for clues that animals live nearby. Can you remember some of the field signs we look for? Walking down the path today was like walking on a soggy sponge. Here is a video to show you what it was like:


Well, I'm as a tired as a sleepy baby, so I'd better get to bed. Tomorrow is our last day in the field. I can't believe it's almost over!


At March 25, 2010 at 10:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Dalton's D.I Class has some questions for you, Ms. Dosmann...
How long will your flight be to fly back to Atlanta on Saturday? (from Taylor)
How is an ermine different from a weasel? (from Patriciea)
Have you found any more voles? (from Dianco)
Do you think that ermines are cute mammals? (from Jawuan)
Could you please bring back some Canadian money for us to see? (from Patriciea)
Are you bringing back anything to share for ''show and tell''? (from Ms. Dalton)

At March 25, 2010 at 3:18 PM , Anonymous Miss Corey said...

Ms. Dosmann,

We are in Mr. Brantley and Miss Corey's class at Cumblerland Elementary. Miss Corey told us all about your trip to Nova Scotia and she read us your posts and showed us your videos!

We think that frogs, toads, worms, snails, slugs, bees, rollie-pollies, salamanders, lizards, newts, pigs because like mud, deer, and cows might live there.

Here are some questions from students in our class:

Gavin- What is on the bottom of the mud? Have you gotten your hands dirty yet? Are there rocks, worms, moles, or grass under it?

Jakob- Have you found any lizards?

Kelsey- Do you like the weather in Nova Scotia?

Elly- Have you seen any snails?

Declan- What is it like being a scientist?

Ryer- Have you seen any slugs?

Michael- Have you seen a dead animal besides just the bones?

Mr. Brantley- Are you sleeping in town or in the wild?

Asya- Have you seen any skulls besides the deer and cow skulls?

Elin- Does Nova Scotia have wild pigs?

Keenan- How many traps did you set up?

Max- Have you seen any water bugs?

Jillian- How many animals have you caught?

Maya- What is it like living in Nova Scotia? Is the weather better or worse than living in Atlanta?

Brendan- Have you seen any turtles?

Gavin- Have you seen any fish?

Miss Corey- Do you ever touch/hold the animals that you catch?

Thank you for answering our questions and sharing your adventure with us!

At March 26, 2010 at 1:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Ms.Dosmann I can't wait to see you on Monday. Will you bring some stuff back? Did you have fun?


At March 26, 2010 at 1:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Ms.Dosmann I seen the pictures you sent .What was that in the lake? I hope you had A great time in NovaScotia. I can't wate to you come back to Toomer.

At March 26, 2010 at 1:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms.Dosmann I am so glad you are caming back on Monday.From Roderick hunt,jr


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